TacticID by B&W Tek

Raman Handheld for Identification of Narcotics, Explosives*, Hazmat and More

TacticID-GP with library of over 5,000 materials and custom user libraries

TacticID® GP

Targeted Users

Global law enforcement personnel, national/local narcotics and forensics laboratories, customs and border patrol, bomb squads, hazardous material technicians, military personnel, more.

TacticID-N with library of 1,000 narcotics, drugs, and precursors

TacticID® N

Targeted Users

Global law enforcement personnel, national/local narcotics and forensics laboratories, customs and border patrol, more.

Our all-inclusive offering for multiple safety applications including identification of narcotics, pharmaceutical drugs, explosives, hazardous materials, precursors, cutting agents and more. The TacticID-GP comes standard with a comprehensive library of more than 10,000 materials. Additionally, it provides users with the capability to develop their own custom user libraries directly on the instrument in order to continuously stay one step ahead of emerging narcotics and other substances. Regular library and software updates are also sent once validated.

Focused specifically on law enforcement personnel and forensic lab technicians, the TacticID-N includes the largest available library of over 1,000 narcotics, pharmaceutical drugs, cutting agents and precursors. This unit does not allow custom user library creation in order to maintain the integrity of the validated B&W Tek libraries pre-installed on the system. Regular library and software updates are sent once validated.

TacticID Software - TID

Material Identity Investigation

Both models of TacticID come standard with B&W Tek's proprietary TacticID Operating System (TOS) installed within the unit, which allows for identification and library and data storage/transfer. The TacticID software (TID) is designed for use on PCs for data and report management, allowing customers to export data and generate reports quickly and easily. The reporting output can also be customized with user logos, added fields, notes and more.

Additionally, the TacticID provides encrypted WiFi synchronization and data transfer capabilities with network terminals in order to optimize time and resources. TacticID OS is also capable of data and results transfer as well as easy library export. (Wireless can be disabled as a factory option)

TacticID Operating System with TacticID Software



Additional Features

T Mode for Traditionally Difficult Raman Samples:

Utilizes Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy to Identify Heroin, Fentanyl and More

Customized Libraries (GP only):

Add user-created library items quickly and easily to stay one step ahead of emerging threats.

Critical Component Mixture ID:

Able to identify components and threat level within a mixed sample.

High Definition Touch Screen:

Ultra crisp HD display with touch screen capability for on-the-spot note and text inputs.

Wi-Fi Capability:

On-board Wi-Fi for data transfer, remote operation and more. Can be factory disabled.

Designed for Safety:

Scan delay up to 120 seconds and laser power adjustable from 10-100%.

Remote Tablet Operation:

Optional tablet computer accessory for remote operation with GPS and camera function.

Ease of Use:

Designed for technical and non-technical users alike, featuring simple, easy to understand menus and commands and color-coded result screens.

Non-Contact Analysis:

Increase user safety by scanning directly through plastics, bottles and other translucent packaging materials.

Flexible Sampling:

Multiple samples accessories ideal for analyzing gels, liquids, powders and solids through various package types.


Dust proof and splash resistant for field environments.

Reporting Software:

Includes TID software for data management, library updates and more.

TacticID Specifications

Excitation Wavelength 785nm
Laser Output Power 300mW Max, software adjustable
Spectral Range 176cm-1 to 2900cm-1
Spectral Resolution ~9cm-1 (FWHW)
Detector Type Linear CCD Array
Display High Brightness & High Resolution Touch Screen
Software TacticID® OS (Embedded) & TacticID® Software (PC)
Data Formats .txt, .csv, .spc
Libraries Narcotics, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Cutting Agents, Precursors, Toxic and Common Chemicals, and More
Connectivity Ethernet / Wi-Fi
Battery Rechargeable Li-On, >5hrs Continuous Operation
AC Adapter Output: 18V DC @ 1.67 A
Weight <2 lbs (0.9kg)
Size 7.5in x 3.9in x 2.0in (19cm x 10cm x 5cm)
Operating Temperature -20°C to +40°C
Storage Temperature -30°C to +60°C
Protection IP65
Languages English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Polish

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