TacticID by B&W Tek

Raman Handheld for Identification
of Narcotics, Explosives*, Hazmat and More

TacticID-N and TacticID-GP Raman Spectrometers: 2014 Laboratory Equipment Reader's Choice Award Winner

  • Non-Contact Analysis Through Clear or Transparent Materials
  • Critical Component Mixture ID
  • Industry’s Largest Narcotics Library Plus More Than 10,000 Other On-Board Items

  • Wireless Operation & Data Transfer Capabilities (Can be factory disabled)
  • Fully Upgradeable & Customizable Libraries
  • Designed for Ease-of-use by Non-Technical & Technical Users Alike

TacticID was created from the ground up to enable safety personnel to tackle their job with the most advanced technology available, enabling fast, accurate, secure threat identification all in a small, lightweight handheld form factor.

The TacticID from B&W Tek is a field-ready handheld spectral analysis instrument designed for non-contact forensic analysis by a variety of safety personnel including law enforcement, bomb squads, hazmat teams and more. TacticID utilizes lab-proven Raman spectroscopy, allowing users to get real-time actionable identification of unknown chemicals, narcotics and many other substances while reducing operational uncertainty and response time.

Grant Assistance is Available!

B&W Tek is partnered with PoliceGrantsHelp.com and FireGrantsHelp.com to help get the TacticID®-GP or TacticID®-N analyzer in your hands. Click Here to learn more.

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